Busted Coolant Pipes Lawsuit Settled

Porsche has agreed to settle an 8-lawsuits-turned-into-1 accusation that the automaker uses defective, plastic coolant pipes that can burst. They just aren’t happy about it. According to David Woods at CarComplaints.com:

Porsche argued the tubes failed after the warranties expired, hence they weren’t under obligation to repair the cars at no cost. Instead, Porsche charged owners up to $3,600 for a special kit that replaced the plastic pipes with aluminum cooling tubes.

The settlement awards 42,000 US owners of 2003–2006 Cayennes with up to $1,800. The final amount will be based on if the tubes have burst, if they’ve been fixed, how much it cost, and can the owner show proof of payment. There’s more information about the settlement at coolantpipesettlement.com.