Cayenne News Archive

  1. 2019

    1. March

  2. 2018

    1. December

      • The optional ski bags that Porsche sells for its vehicles are being recalled because they keep falling off.

        Porsche is recalling 142 vehicles equipped with optional ski bags because the ...

  3. 2017

    1. February

  4. 2016

    1. December

      • A settlement has been reached for about 83,000 owners of 3-liter TDI vehicles with v6 diesel engines. This will affect any owner of a 2013-2016 Porsche Cayenne diesel.

        “VW has agreed to ...

    2. March

      • A missing c-clip in some 2011-2016 Porsche Cayenne SUVs could allow for some brake pedal mayhem:

        “The missing clip can cause the pivot pin to move and the brake pedal to dislodge. From t...

  5. 2015

    1. May

      • Porsche has recalled a grand total of 2 cars for alignments problems. Yep, 2.

        The automaker says a manufacturing error caused an alignment problem that puts the front and rear axles out ...

    2. January

      • You know your year is off to a bad start if you’re one of two people with a car recalled for alignment issues. That’s right. Porsche has recalled 2 (yes, two) vehicles in the entire US of A. The...

  6. 2014

    1. April

      • Porsche has agreed to settle an 8-lawsuits-turned-into-1 accusation that the automaker uses defective, plastic coolant pipes that can burst. They just aren’t happy about it. According to David W...