Cayenne Owner Says Squealing Brakes Brings Extra Police Attention

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Scott McCracken
The wheel of a yellow Porsche, with the company's logo on the caliper cover.

A Cayenne owner in California is suing Porsche for squealing brakes that bring unwanted attention. Specifcally, the plaintiff mentions police attention and how they associate the squeals with high-speed driving and racing. It might also have something to do with driving a car that can from 0-to-60 faster than you can say misdemeanor.

What the Squeal?

  • The plaintiff says says Porsche has known about the problem since 2013. Porsche would be the first to tell you it's been much longer than that.
  • In a video that is just dripping with passive-agressiveness, Porsche describes why the vehicle's larger and more-performant brakes can sometimes squeal and why that's better than blowing through a stop sign.
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