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Many of these are class-action suits that look to cover a group of owners in a particular area. Click on the lawsuit for more information and to see if you're eligible to receive any potential settlements.

  • Bowen vs. Porsche Cars N.A., Inc.

    1. Case Filed

      A Porsche infotainment system lawsuit alleges the Porsche Communication Management (PCM) units received software updates that caused permanent damage to the units. The alleged damage was caused on or about May 21, 2020 and allegedly causes the communication units to constantly activate and deactivate.

  • Dismissed

    Padilla and Shames, et al., v. Porsche Cars North America, Inc.

    1. Dismissed

      In dismissing the lawsuit one last time, the judge ruled the plaintiffs do not allege any precise statements, documents or misrepresentations made by Porsche or how such statements misled the plaintiffs.

    2. Case Filed

      Porsche Cayenne and Panamera coolant pipes and leaks have caused a proposed class-action lawsuit that alleges the epoxy adhesive falls apart and fails, causing the coolant pipes to separate from the thermostat housings.

    Porsche Coolant Leaks
    Class Vehicles
    • 2010-2016 Porsche Panamera (V8)
    • 2011-2019 Porsche Cayenne (V8)

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  1. Porsche appears to have sent out a software update to their infotainment systems that causes them to constantly reboot.

    That's annoying enough on its own, but according to a new lawsuit the never-ending reboots also do fun things like drain the car's battery and spin the infotainment's harddrive into a death spiral. Oh and just for good measure each reboot produces a loud static POP to drive home the point that failure is inevtiable.…

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  2. The government has released new settlement details for 83,000 owners of 3.0-liter TDI diesels, and it varies based on if you're driving a Porsche, Audi, or VW.

    While some Touareg and Q7 owners will be eligible for buyback options, owners and lessees of 2013-2016 vehicles will be getting a fix that VW says won't affect the performance of their cars. But that's not all they're getting:

    "Once the repairs are approved, owners and lessees will keep their vehicles and each receive compensation ranging from $8,539 to $17,614. Former owners of the newer cars will each receive $4,269 to $8,807 in compensation."

    Hot dang, even if you don't even own a Porsche Cayenne TDI anymore you may be eligible for significant financial payout. And if you're leasing one, you'll soon be getting a check and the option to get out of your lease early. There's more details on

    keep reading article "New Settlement Details for 3.0L Cayenne Diesel Owners"
  3. When deciding between beige or black for an interior color of your Porsche, I'm guessing you never thought "I wonder which one of these will reflect the light of a 1000 suns?"

    But for some owners who chose beige, that's exactly what's happening. The light-colored dashboard is apparently creating a glare on the windshield that's so intense, some say the car becomes very difficult to drive.

    Two California residents were tired of their Porsche's glare and filed a lawsuit in the Superior Court of California Los Angeles County. The lawsuit says:

    "The glare and reflection from the windshield is a safety risk that Porsche fails to mention when selling the cars."

    Porsche, in the least shocking response of the century, doesn't think the case has any merit.

    "All automotive windshields are made of transparent glass and are therefore reflective.”

    Science! The automaker went on to say the plaintiffs didn't give a date when they first noticed the problem, or if the problem actually prevented them from using their cars.

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  4. Porsche has agreed to settle an 8-lawsuits-turned-into-1 accusation that the automaker uses defective, plastic coolant pipes that can burst.

    They just aren't happy about it. According to David Woods at

    "Porsche argued the tubes failed after the warranties expired, hence they weren't under obligation to repair the cars at no cost. Instead, Porsche charged owners up to $3,600 for a special kit that replaced the plastic pipes with aluminum cooling tubes."

    The settlement awards 42,000 US owners of 2003–2006 Cayennes with up to $1,800. The final amount will be based on if the tubes have burst, if they've been fixed, how much it cost, and can the owner show proof of payment. There's more information about the settlement at

    keep reading article "Busted Coolant Pipes Lawsuit Settled"

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