Sirius Infotainment Update is Causing Constant Porsche Infotainment Reboots

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Scott McCracken
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Porsche appears to have sent out a software update to their infotainment systems that causes them to constantly reboot. That's annoying enough on its own, but according to a new lawsuit the never-ending reboots also do fun things like drain the car's battery and spin the infotainment's harddrive into a death spiral. Oh and just for good measure each reboot produces a loud static POP to drive home the point that failure is inevtiable.

About the Lawsuit

  • The plaintiffs say there wasn't any way to opt-out of the update, it just happened. Anyone else miss the good ole' days where a mecahnic actually needed to be around your car to break it?
  • The lawsuit was filed in Northern Georgia but appears to include any Porsche owners that 1) received the update while owning or leasing a Porsche 2) have an XM radio and 3) Were updated from PCM version 3.0 or 3.1
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